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Welcome to MY SISSY HUSBAND - a place where wives and girlfriends can share their stories, tricks and tips for the proper training and humiliation of sissy husbands. Forced feminization is the name of the game here, so come learn why femdom humiliation and sissy maid training at the hands of a dominant wife is just the ticket for showing the naughty male who's boss! Ladies, prepare to SHAME YOUR MAN!

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Dominant Women Submissive Men 2

Mistress Femme is back with great followup to her femdom BDSM series with "Dominant Women Submissive Men 2", and there's some great forced feminization and sissy erotica to be found within!

dominant women submissive men stories by Mistress Femme
Femdom BDSM
Explicit Sex Stories!

One story - "Sissy Male Maid Auction" is a sizzling tale of two males, a young boy and older man, feminized and sold off to rich clients to be their sissy male maids and sexual playthings. The action gets hot as the clients all have to try before they buy, and the sissies get quite the workout!

Also included - "A Mistress At Play", a story in which our author attends a beauty contest for sissy males and gets to see some of the kinky happenings backstage!

Have read and enjoy the fun!

Mistress Tara

Posted: Friday 14th December 2012, 12:55 PM

Dominant Women Submissive Men

If you like reading erotic stories about women sexually humiliating men in various ways (like forced feminization, black bull cuckolding and strapon BDSM) then you should check out the latest eBook Dominant Women Submissive Men by Mistress Femme and see what's been keeping the chatter going on Twitter!

Madame LaFarbe

Posted: Friday 28th September 2012, 8:51 PM

I Caught My Sissy Husband Masturbating On The Phone!

I've been married to Robert for over 10 years now, and never in my wildest dreams would I think to catch him dressed as a woman and masturbating on the telephone while talking to some strange woman! But it happened, and I'm still not sure how I want to handle the situation. I've contacted the divorce lawyer to begin proceedings but part of me still loves my husband and feels this might be something we can work through with the proper therapy and counseling.

Caught In Her Clothes

I came home early from work last Thursday night and upon hearing the sound of someone speaking walked into his study unannounced. There I caught him dressed in my stockings, high heels, sheer pink baby doll nightgown with his erect penis in his hand stroking furiously as he told somebody on the other end of the line that he was "going to suck cock like a good little sissy male maid and please don't punish me with the strap on, Mistress!"

When he opened his eyes and saw me standing there with a shocked look on my face, he quickly hung up the phone and started stammering out the lamest excuses and rationalizations, until he finally broke down crying and admitted that he had become feminized and forced to perform degrading sexual acts by a dominant woman whose phone sex service he had stumbled upon.

Feminized By Phone

Quite frankly, I'm not sure I believe him when he says that it was all her idea and that he was only play acting to satisfy her sexual needs, not his. I looked up the number he had been calling repeatedly, and saw that he had placed calls to their service almost every other night for the past 6 months so this was no random happenstance or singular occurrence on his part. When I dialed the number a female voice said that she would put men in bras and panties and train them to be a good little sissies! What kind of service is this? Upon further research I found it is a group of dominant women who enjoy sexually humiliating and degrading men in various ways, many of which would be deemed too extreme or perverted to mention in polite company!

Robert swears he is not gay and that the mention of sucking another man's penis was only a fantasy that his phone Mistress demanded he performed. But I'm not taking any chances and have enrolled him in a program that guarantees men will be taught to be straight and not succumb to any homosexual urges or desires.

I plan on keeping my husband on a short leash and watching him carefully to see he no longer engages in this sissy fantasy lifestyle he is concocted for himself. Although I'm keeping the divorce papers updated and current, I shall hold off on divorcing him until I see the results of his new therapy. If I ever catch him dressed as a woman again and masturbating over the telephone I will no doubt throw him out of the house and sue him for every penny!

Mrs. Shacky
married to a very confused man

Sissy phone article copyright MistressFemme.Com
All Rights Reserved.

Posted: Friday 10th August 2012, 12:58 PM

He Likes Cock Now

When I was nineteen at school, I had an affair with my History professor. He used to fuck me in his office during lunch and I always enjoyed teasing the shit pout of him. Once, after he pulled out and came on my belly he told me that I was just too hot to resist and would be the ruin of him.

Then his wife found out and he got fired, so his prediction came true.

As I made my way in the world, I was so hot that I could get any man I wanted. I make them pay for it, though, and pay well!

My latest trophy male, Zach, was a jock and he-man when we met. Now, hes my whimpering sissified slave.

Last night, I dressed him up in panties and a girdle and started the session with a strap-on up his twitching virgin ass. Soon, one of my girlfriends came over and we made him scream as we took turns with it blasting his asshole till it bled.

When he finally got a hard-on, my girlfriend took some tiger balm and rubbed it on his cock. He complained and cried that it both froze and burned him at the same time. He went limp as his dick turned a bright red and shriveled up.

My girlfriend and me laughed and poked fun at his sad little member, then I pulled out my phone and started taking pictures of him to send to all his friends.

This morning, he called and cried that he was getting humiliating e-mails from his buddies and relatives, including his own mom! Serves him right for being a wuss! My accountant who lives down the street from Zach just called and said that she heard he got caught sucking off some black guy in his garage.

I guess he liked being punked and feminized too well!

Mistress Zana
(Of My Phone Mistress)

Posted: Friday 29th June 2012, 6:14 PM

When A Sissy Cuckold Speaks

If you think your marriage might be in trouble, better listen well When A Sissy Cuckold Speaks and spills the beans on what happened to him

... and yes, he ended up in panties with a cock in his mouth!

(Follow me on Twitter HERE)

Posted: Friday 22nd June 2012, 12:45 PM

Secret Sissy By Night

The monitor on my new laptop flickers and then the words appear on my screen.


I type in "Yes, Mistress Femme"


I turn on my web cam and point it towards my cock framed by the garter belt and stockings. No panties. Just as instructed.


My fingernails are painted pink and are JUST as she likes. I start to stroke and work my little sissy cock to a full erection. I met her at a party. Se sensed right away I was in need of feminization and decided to use me as her toy. I am a web designer and Mistress Femme, being Harvard educated is also fluent on the computer. Our femdom techno-affair feels safe and I can do it without my wife knowing (she works nights). I get so hot after them I usually have to go into the bathroom and take a shower to clean myself off.


I wet my finger and slip it into my anus, working it back and forth as I masturbate for my Mistress. It feels so good.


I imagine I'm a sissy male maid in Mistress Femme's stable, forced to suck black cock and take it up the ass as she and her beautiful female friends watch and laugh. The garter belt and smooth silk stockings make me feel very sexy as I masturbate wildly for Mistress.


I cum in a long shooting spurt soaking my keyboard and the floor beneath my feet. My little cock is red and raw because I was forbidden to use any lotion.


I wait anxiously for my divine Mistress to respond, hoping that she found pleasure in my actions.


I clean my hands and fingers as she commands. I then lick the desk of all semen splashes and spots.


My heart soars. I have pleased the Goddess, my only reason to exist in this dark and cruel world. I type back:


Silence for a few moments, I'm almost in tears in the fear that I might have over stepped my bounds and angered her. Then-


It is all she wrote. Emboldened, I type back:


Then more words that make me swell with joy and pride.


Happiness! Mistress will make me a real sissy and I can enjoy sucking a cock for her! She signs off and I go to take a shower and change before my wife comes home. Deep inside I can hardly contain myself and hope I can wait the three days until the weekend and my Mistresses beautiful punishments and humiliations!

sissy boi dan
(Slave to Mistress Femme)

Sissy story copyright MySissyHusband.Com all rights reserved.

Posted: Sunday 10th June 2012, 11:42 PM

A Female Doctor Who Feminizes Her Male Patients

What would you say about A Female Doctor Who Feminizes Her Male Patients and makes them suck cock?

As therapy?

"My husband attended one of her clinics to deal with his ED problem, thinking it was all in his mind, and she sent him home two days later dressed as a sissy maid and talking about how he had to suck another man's penis in order to understand his problems with women? WTF?"

Sounds like that wife has a real problem on her hands, huh?

Oh, well, an apple a day!

(Feminized males are fun)

Posted: Friday 18th May 2012, 3:29 PM

We Pegged His Ass

After a few drinks, my girlfriend and I decided to give her a husband a little thrill - so We Pegged His Ass and made him a bitch! He thought it was going to be hot having two girls do him, but when we pulled out the strapon and spread his ass cheeks, he soon was crying and howling for us to stop!

Did we?

FUCK NO! We drilled his shit hole RAW!LOL!

(Bonking boy butt is hot)

Vampire Mistress Sucks HARD!

Posted: Tuesday 10th April 2012, 12:40 PM

Put In Diapers And Babied By A Older Woman

I had my husband Put In Diapers And Babied By A Older Woman because I got sick and tired of his bitching and moaning around the house when I was trying to work on my novel. I thought it would humiliate and punish him, but the little sicko LOVED it!

Now he wants to be masturbated in diapers and bottle fed before bed every damn night!

Men, are they any more pathetic?

Natalie D.
(Writer and now big baby mother)

Femdom Smother Mistresses

Posted: Monday 26th March 2012, 8:46 AM

My Husband Is Now a Cuckold

Not only if my man feminized and sissified, but My Husband Is Now a Cuckold who sucks black cock upon command!

Well, not really on command, it took a few minute of my black stud Nigel bashing him about the head to get him to "consent" but now he's a good little cock sucker and no longer cries in the corner when we fuck in front of him - just like a WELL TRAINED sissy husband should, right girls?

(Training a man is fun)

Bitch Wives Spank Husbands Too!

Posted: Monday 12th March 2012, 1:19 PM

Sissy Mistress Webcam

Please don't visit my Sissy Mistress Webcam unless you can handle being feminized and subjected to some stinging male ego reduction by a HOT dominant slut!

Men SERVE me and I DEMAND they obey!

Mistress T.
(Male tail is for raping)

Females Spanking Males!

Posted: Wednesday 22nd February 2012, 6:15 PM

Older Man Becomes Sissy Male Maid

Why did this Older Man Become A Sissy Male Maid and take it in the ass, you ask?

Because he was mean and rude to his poor elderly wife and being a Dominatrix, I felt it was my DUTY to set things right!

So I feminized him and made him rue the day he was EVER rude and domineering to his lovely wife. Funny how raping a man's asshole with the biggest strapon you can find and dressing him in panties can have such a beneficial impact on a marriage, eh?

Mistress G.
(I punish impolite males)

Femdom Spanking Video

Posted: Monday 6th February 2012, 5:36 PM
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